Changing the way we “learn’’

Changing the way we “learn’’

Promote lifelong learning through experiencing the most powerful all in one education intelligent platform that streamlines all your organisation's learning, training and development activities in one place

Unlock further growth

We make the impossible become the possible, drive every experience from a single platform by creating online courses, micro learning programmes, or just need to launch an event or deliver a learning programmes, Oreed lets you do everything.

10x customer revenue & engagement.

10x customer revenue & engagement.

Increase employee productivity.

Increase employee productivity.

Improve organisation efficiency.

Improve organisation efficiency.

Increase sales and performance.

Increase sales and performance.

Track and measure quality.

Track and measure quality.

Rethinking learning to drive business impact

Why Oreed 

With Oreed you can thrive as an organization and improve your internal capacity building, save time, and money and effort that can be better spent supporting company outcomes. 


Promote lifelong learning with Oreed by experiencing the most powerful all-in-one education intelligent platform that streamlines all your organisations learning.


It’s more than learning, it’s about thriving

Make learning the heart of your culture

A single platform to carry out all your events.

Whether your upskilling employees or reskilling them, or educating customers on your product, launching events has never been easier, create longer lasting memorable event experience online, onsite,virtual, hybrid and blended events, it’s about people not places.


Drive effectiveness and better engagement.

Improve engagement and deliver better learning experience 

Deliver engaged experiences through two-way communication, connect with hyper-personalized messaging, exit polls, targeted users quizzes and lots more.


Unlock hidden gems.

Analytic and insights , reveal hidden possibility 

Monitor and track learner progress, to build better improved learner knowledge, skills, understanding, values, attitude motivations, and capabilities necessary to thrive better in life.


Deliver more capable, more engaged learning.

Artificial intelligent for personalized learning 

Get recommended learning programs driven by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence, take a personalized approach in learning, help teams learn and improve quickly, focus on collaboration and growth.


Connect to cutting-edge technology.

Diversify communication channels and do more.

Access a powerful range of communication tools to keep customers and employees engaged all the time, manage everything all in one place.


Growth Framework

Growth Framework

A practical framework designed to unlock further growth for your organisation.

Cutting-edge technology that disrupts and transforms all areas of business.

Make learning the heart of your culture drive innovation, effectiveness and better engagement.

Drive deeper insights

Deeper insights with better outcomes

Build powerful dashboards to drive deeper analytics to help deliver deeper insights to enable more effective decision-making and learning experiences.

Unlock a learning culture and thrive.

Make learning at the heart of your culture

Oreed is a cloud-based LMS that engages learners, fuels content retention, and elevates training programs. Our technology is built to scale as your organization grows, with superb customer service rarely seen in the LMS space - making it the perfect choice for your organization!

Run events seamlessly

Make launching events easy 

launching events has never been easier, run online, onsite, virtual exhibition and hybrid events all in one place with Oreed.

Connect with learns

Central area stay connected

With Oreed the Learner Relationship Managment is a powerful central area for were you can Interact with leaners and communicate effectively, review all education of leaner there competencies, all in one place.

Ease the communication gap

Reach users at the right time.

Customizable marketing messages that are sent to users at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.

Create more revenue faster

Reach customers at scale

With our Platform you can manage all your sales in one place and drive deeper revenue strategies, Oreed is the all in one platform that support end to end company growth.

Interact and integrate apps

Configure to get more done.

Increase adoption and utilization with ease - Oreed's systems integration provides a seamless, secure user experience that increases adoption and utilization capabilities.

Powerful customization features

Become more personalised and brand consistent.

Oreed platform allows you to customise the entire platform to suit your needs, , creates pages, change themes, drag and drop views, create personalized domains and lots more.. 

Find the resources you need

If you're looking to drive results from your event promotion ideas, you need to try something different. Traditional methods like advertising and word-of-mouth aren't as effective as they used to be.

Setting objectives for a virtual event is key to its success. Whether you're looking to drive awareness, education, or leads, having specific goals in mind will help you create a strategy and measure the results.

The promotion of online universities has had to adapt to the changing preferences of these potential students. More and more companies are investing heavily in online education marketing.

Oreed has enabled us to more productivity and smarter with launching learning programmes - amazing platform

Abdulaziz Aljehani
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Supporting your growth every step of the way

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