Workplace Diversity Training Activities: 20 Ideas to Empower Teams


In today's world, workplace diversity is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage. 

Companies characterized by diversity experience a notable 2.5-fold increase in cash flow per employee.

To foster a culture of acceptance and understanding, organizations are investing in workplace diversity training activities

However, traditional approaches often lack engagement. 

That's why innovative workplace diversity training activities have emerged, promoting teamwork, empathy, skill, and cultural competence.

This article explores 20 inspiring ideas for interactive diversity training activities. 

By incorporating these activities, you can create an inclusive environment, enhance communication, and empower your teams. 

From role-playing to problem-solving exercises, each activity stimulates meaningful discussions and appreciation for diverse talents. 

Unleash the potential of your teams in an inclusive, thriving workplace by embarking on this transformative journey of diversity training activities.

Why Are Workplace Diversity Training Activities Important?

virtual diversity activities for the workplace

Did you know that companies with high racial diversity experience a remarkable 15-fold increase in sales revenue?

Workplace diversity training activities are important for several compelling reasons.

1. Fostering Inclusivity And Equality

Diversity training activities create an environment where individuals from different backgrounds feel valued and respected, fostering inclusivity and equality within organizations.

2. Enhancing Cross-Cultural Understanding And Communication

These activities promote better understanding and communication among team members from diverse backgrounds, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

3. Stimulating Innovation And Creativity

By bringing together individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives, diversity training activities fuel innovation and creativity, as different ideas and insights contribute to more robust problem-solving and decision-making processes.

A culture of inclusion is seen as a catalyst for innovation by 74% of millennial employees, while 47% actively seek diversity and inclusion when evaluating prospective employers.

4. Increasing Employee Satisfaction And Engagement

Prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the workplace through training tools results in higher employee satisfaction and engagement. 

When employees feel supported and included, they are more motivated and loyal to the organization.

When companies cultivate an inclusive work environment, 83% of Millennials exhibit high levels of work engagement.

5. Promoting Personal Growth And Challenging Biases

Diversity training activities encourage individuals to challenge their own biases, fostering personal growth and development. 

By expanding their perspectives and embracing differences, participants contribute to a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

In summary, diversity training activities for employees play a vital role in fostering inclusivity, improving communication, driving innovation, boosting employee satisfaction, and promoting personal growth. 

Embracing these activities can lead to a more diverse, equitable, and successful organization.

20 Ideas For Diversity Training Activities For Employees

fun diversity and inclusion activities

A significant portion of employees, close to 50%, believe that their companies should make improvements in terms of diversity.

Are you looking for some fun diversity and inclusion activities?

Here are the top diversity training activities for Employees:

1. Privilege Walk

Conduct a privilege walk activity where employees physically or virtually move forward or backward based on their level of privilege, prompting discussions on inequality and privilege awareness.

2. Stereotype Bust

Divide employees into groups and assign each group a common stereotype. 

The teams then have to debunk the stereotype through research, presentations, or skits, challenging biases and promoting understanding.

3. Identity Collage

Ask employees to create a visual collage representing their identities, including aspects like race, gender, culture, hobbies, and interests. 

Sharing these collages fosters an appreciation for diversity and encourages individuals to embrace their unique identities.

4. Intersectionality Discussions

Facilitate small group discussions on intersectionality, where employees explore how different aspects of their identities intersect and impact their experiences, promoting empathy and understanding.

5. Cross-Cultural Lunches

One of the top virtual diversity activities for the workplace includes cross-cultural lunches. 

Encourage employees to virtually pair up with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and have a virtual lunch together. 

They can share their favorite dishes, and cultural traditions, and engage in cross-cultural dialogue.

6. Bias Awareness Training

Conduct training sessions or workshops that focus on recognizing unconscious biases and providing strategies to mitigate their impact in the workplace.

7. Story Circles

Organize virtual story circles where employees take turns sharing personal experiences related to diversity and inclusion. 

This activity builds empathy and understanding by hearing diverse narratives.

8. Language Exchange

Facilitate language exchange sessions where employees can teach each other basic phrases or expressions from their native languages, fostering multicultural communication.

9. Inclusive Team-Building Activities

Incorporate diversity and inclusion themes into team-building exercises, such as collaborative problem-solving challenges that require diverse perspectives to succeed.

10. Allyship Training

Provide training on allyship, teach employees how to actively support and advocate for colleagues from marginalized communities, and promote a more inclusive work environment.

11. Virtual Diversity Panel

One of the best virtual diversity activities for the workplace includes a virtual diversity panel. 

Organize virtual panel discussions featuring a diverse group of employees who can share their experiences, challenges, and success stories related to diversity and inclusion.

12. Empathy Building Exercises

Conduct virtual activities that promote empathy, such as role-playing exercises or storytelling sessions that encourage participants to step into others' shoes and understand different perspectives.

13. Implicit Bias Workshops

Offer workshops that focus on understanding and addressing implicit biases, equipping employees with the tools to recognize and challenge their own biases in the workplace.

14. Diversity And Inclusion Game Show

Create a virtual game show-style activity where participants answer trivia questions, solve puzzles, or engage in interactive challenges that promote diversity and inclusion knowledge.

15. Diversity Film Discussions

Organize virtual screenings of movies or documentaries that address diversity and inclusion themes. Follow up with guided discussions to explore the film's messages and insights.

16. Diversity Mentoring Circles

Form virtual mentoring circles where employees can connect with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, share experiences, and provide support and guidance in their professional development.

17. Cultural Competence Training

Conduct training sessions that enhance employees' cultural competence, providing insights into different cultures, customs, and communication styles, enabling them to work effectively with diverse teams.

18. Diversity Case Studies

Present employees with real-life diversity-related scenarios or case studies and encourage group discussions to analyze the situations, identify potential biases, and brainstorm inclusive solutions.

19. Inclusive Language Workshops

Offer workshops on inclusive language, educating employees on the power of language and providing guidelines to communicate respectfully and inclusively in the workplace.

20. Diversity Reflection Journals

Encourage employees to maintain diversity reflection journals where they can write about their experiences, insights, and personal growth regarding diversity and inclusion. 

This activity promotes self-reflection and continuous learning.

These 20 ideas for fun diversity and inclusion activities provide a range of engaging and educational experiences that promote understanding, inclusivity, and empathy in the workplace. 

By implementing these activities, organizations can foster a culture that embraces diversity and promotes a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

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diversity training activities for Employees

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, workplace diversity training activities empower teams by fostering inclusivity, challenging biases, and promoting collaboration. 

A majority of job seekers and employees, specifically three out of four, place a high value on companies and coworkers that embrace diversity.

By implementing the 20 ideas shared, organizations can create a culture of understanding, innovation, and employee satisfaction. 

These activities serve as catalysts for continuous learning and improvement, leading to a more inclusive and empowered workforce. 

By investing in diversity training, organizations can build workplaces where every individual feels valued and respected, ultimately driving success and growth.


1. What team-based activities can support equality and diversity?

Team-based activities that can support equality and diversity include:

  • Diversity and inclusion workshops: Conduct workshops that educate teams on the importance of equality and diversity, promoting understanding and empathy.
  • Cross-cultural collaboration projects: Encourage teams to work on projects that require diverse perspectives and cultural insights, fostering collaboration and appreciation for different backgrounds.
  • Diversity panel discussions: Organize panel discussions where team members from diverse backgrounds share their experiences and insights, creating awareness and understanding within the team.
  • Collaborative problem-solving exercises: Engage teams in activities that require diverse perspectives to solve complex problems, promoting the value of different viewpoints and fostering teamwork.

2. How do you empower a diverse team?

To empower a diverse team, consider the following approaches:

  • Foster inclusive communication: Encourage open and respectful communication within the team, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued.
  • Provide equal opportunities: Offer equal access to resources, development opportunities, and career advancement, irrespective of background or identity.
  • Embrace diversity of thought: Recognize and appreciate different perspectives, allowing team members to contribute their unique ideas and insights.
  • Offer mentorship and support: Provide mentorship programs or assign mentors to individuals from underrepresented groups, offering guidance, support, and opportunities for growth.
  • Celebrate diversity: Acknowledge and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and achievements of team members, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging.
  • Create a safe and inclusive environment: Implement policies and practices that promote psychological safety and ensure that team members feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

By implementing these strategies, organizations can empower diverse teams, leveraging the full potential of their members and driving collective success.

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