80 Online Team Building Activities for Remote Teams


Virtual online team-building exercises have the power to bring remote teams closer together, just like on-site teams. 

By planning fun virtual team-building activities that align with the team's purpose and vision, you can create a sense of camaraderie. 

These activities not only promote communication but also reinforce a shared team identity, which is crucial for remote and distributed teams.

For instance, when remote workers start feeling isolated or unsupported, a virtual team-building activity can remind them of the amazing people they have behind them. 

It's a way to make them feel connected and supported. 

Similarly, when remote workers start losing their enthusiasm, a virtual team-building activity can reignite their passion by exposing them to excited co-workers. It's like a spark that keeps the fire burning. 

Additionally, if remote workers are seeking more autonomy, a virtual team-building activity can help them earn the trust of their managers and peers, giving them the freedom they desire.

But here's the secret sauce to making virtual team building effective—commitment and passion from strong leadership. 

Research has shown that transformative and visionary leadership plays a significant role in increasing engagement levels for remote teams. 

When leaders are committed to fostering team connections and creating a positive remote work environment, it sets the tone for the entire team.

So, to help your organization and co-workers embrace virtual team building and unleash its benefits, we have highlighted a handful of real-time and online team building activities.

Let’s explore these online team building exercises together.

What Are Online Team Building Activities and Why Are They Essential?

The investment in virtual team building by companies has surged by a remarkable 2,500%

Additionally, an impressive 75% of staff emphasize the significance of teamwork and collaboration for corporate success.

Online team building activities are interactive and collaborative exercises designed to strengthen the bonds and relationships among team members who work remotely or are geographically dispersed. 

With the increasing trend of remote work and virtual teams, these activities have become crucial for maintaining team cohesion and improving overall productivity. 

These activities can take various forms, ranging from virtual games and challenges to online workshops and icebreakers.

Essential benefits of online team building activities include:

  • Building Trust and Communication

Effective communication and trust are the foundation of any successful team. 

Team building activities encourage open communication, improve understanding, and help team members get to know each other on a more personal level, even if they are not physically present in the same location.

  • Promoting Collaboration and Cooperation

Team members learn to collaborate, solve problems together, and leverage each other's strengths through interactive activities. 

This enhances overall teamwork and fosters a sense of unity among team members.

  • Boosting Morale and Motivation

Engaging in fun and enjoyable activities can boost team morale and motivation. 

It helps create a positive work environment and reduces feelings of isolation that remote workers might experience.

  • Enhancing Creativity and Innovation

Some team-building activities involve creative problem-solving and brainstorming, which can stimulate innovative thinking among team members and lead to fresh ideas and solutions.

  • Reducing Conflict and Misunderstandings

By increasing familiarity and understanding of each other's working styles and personalities, team members can mitigate potential conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • Improving Productivity and Performance

A cohesive team that communicates well and works harmoniously tends to be more productive and efficient in achieving its goals.

  • Fostering Employee Engagement

Businesses that boast a fully engaged workforce have the potential to generate double the revenue.

Engaged employees are more likely to stay committed to their work and the organization. 

Team building activities contribute to higher employee engagement levels.

  • Adapting to Remote Work Challenges

Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection. 

Team building activities provide an opportunity to bridge these gaps and create a sense of belonging, even in a virtual setting

  • Learning and Skill Development

Certain team-building activities can focus on specific skills or competencies relevant to the team's roles and responsibilities, offering opportunities for continuous learning and development.

  • Improving Overall Team Dynamics

A third of employees (33%) express the belief that nurturing collaborative culture results in heightened loyalty among the workforce.

By identifying areas of improvement through team building exercises, teams can work together to address weaknesses and enhance their overall performance.

80 Real Time & Online Team Building Activities For Your Organization In 2023

Below is a list of 80 online team building activities for remote teams and organizations. 

These activities are grouped into various categories to cater to different aspects of team building, communication, collaboration, creativity, and fun. 

The grouping for these best online team building activities is split into 5’s. 

That way they are easy to follow and implement on your end.

Feel free to mix and match them based on your team's preferences and goals.

1. Icebreakers and Getting to Know Each Other

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Each team member shares three statements about themselves – two true and one false. The rest of the team has to guess which one is the lie.
  • Virtual Office Tour: Team members can give a virtual tour of their home offices, sharing interesting or unique aspects of their workspace.
  • Personal Object Show and Tell: Each team member presents an object from their home that has personal significance, explaining its meaning.
  • Emoji Check-In: Team members use emojis to describe how they're feeling at the moment.
  • Name and Nickname Game: Team members share the stories behind their names or any interesting nicknames they have.

2. Communication and Collaboration

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items team members need to find within their homes and set a time limit for them to return with the items.
  • One-Word Story: Start a story with one word and have each team member add one word at a time to continue the narrative.
  • Virtual Pictionary: Use an online whiteboard tool to play Pictionary, where team members draw images related to given words or phrases, and others guess what they are.
  • Remote Charades: Team members act out phrases, movie titles, or famous quotes without speaking, and others guess what they are portraying.
  • Collaborative Document Creation: Use tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Teams to collaborate on a team presentation, proposal, or document.

3. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

  • Online Escape Room: Participate in virtual escape room challenges that require teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking to solve puzzles and escape.
  • Mystery Riddles: Send mystery riddles or puzzles to the team and have them work together to find solutions.
  • Brainstorming Sessions: Organize virtual brainstorming sessions for new ideas or solutions to specific challenges.
  • Reverse Engineering: Share a finished product or design and challenge the team to reverse engineer the process of creating it.
  • Decision-Making Scenarios: Present real or hypothetical scenarios and have the team discuss and make decisions collectively.

4. Team Building Games and Challenges

  • Online Trivia Night: Host a virtual trivia game with questions on various topics, and form teams to compete against each other.
  • Virtual Bingo: Play online Bingo with personalized Bingo cards containing fun facts or characteristics about team members.
  • Create a Story Together: Start a story and have each team member add a paragraph or two, taking the narrative in creative directions.
  • Online Board Games: Play virtual versions of popular board games like Settlers of Catan, Codenames, or Monopoly.
  • Virtual Karaoke Party: Organize a virtual karaoke session where team members can showcase their singing talents.

5. Creativity and Innovation

  • Online Art Challenge: Encourage team members to create artwork based on a theme, and share their creations in a virtual gallery.
  • Innovation Hackathon: Conduct a virtual hackathon to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas or solutions for specific challenges.
  • Online Storytelling Competition: Host a storytelling contest, where team members share imaginative and entertaining stories.
  • Virtual Talent Show: Invite team members to showcase their unique talents, such as playing an instrument, dancing, or performing magic tricks.
  • Remote Photo Contest: Organize a photo contest based on a particular theme, and have team members vote for their favorite entries.

6. Virtual Team-Building Workshops and Training

  • Virtual Team Building Workshop: Bring in an external facilitator to conduct a remote team-building workshop focused on specific team development areas.
  • Online Leadership Training: Arrange virtual leadership training sessions to enhance leadership skills within the team.
  • Remote Communication Skills Workshop: Host a workshop to improve virtual communication skills, including email etiquette, video conferencing best practices, etc.
  • Online Conflict Resolution Training: Offer conflict resolution training to help team members handle disagreements constructively.
  • Remote Time Management Workshop: Conduct workshops on time management and productivity tips for remote workers.

7. Physical Wellness and Team Fitness

  • Virtual Fitness Challenges: Set fitness challenges for the team, such as step competitions, yoga sessions, or online workout classes.
  • Healthy Cooking Class: Arrange a virtual cooking class featuring healthy recipes that team members can follow along and cook together.
  • Deskercise Breaks: Schedule short breaks for desk exercises and stretches during long working hours.
  • Online Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions: Host virtual meditation sessions to help team members relax and reduce stress.
  • Virtual Health Challenges: Initiate team-wide health challenges like hydration goals or sleep improvement challenges.

8. Online Team Bonding Games

  • Emoji Storytelling: Create a story using only emojis, and have team members interpret and share their version of the story.
  • Virtual Water Cooler Conversations: Set up virtual rooms for casual discussions and bonding, simulating the informal chats that happen around the office water cooler.
  • Storytime with a Twist: One team member starts a story, and each participant adds a sentence or paragraph to continue the narrative.
  • Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Organize a virtual Secret Santa event, where team members exchange small gifts online.
  • Remote Desk Decoration Contest: Have team members decorate their remote workspaces creatively and share the pictures with the team.

9. Virtual Team-Building Retreat

  • Online Team Retreat: Organize a virtual team retreat with team-building activities, workshops, and team discussions over several days.
  • Virtual Happy Hour: Host a virtual happy hour where team members can relax, chat, and bond over their favorite drinks.
  • Online Games Tournament: Set up a tournament of online multiplayer games that team members can compete in.
  • Virtual World Tour: "Visit" various destinations worldwide by sharing fun facts and experiences about different countries and cultures.
  • Virtual Book Club: Start a virtual book club, where team members read and discuss books related to their professional development or interests.

10. Remote Team-Building Competitions

  • Remote Olympics: Create a series of challenges and activities that team members can complete over several days or weeks to earn points for their teams.
  • Virtual Team Cook-Off: Teams compete to prepare a specific dish or meal, and a panel of judges assesses and scores the results.
  • Online Office Olympics: Design a series of playful competitions using household items and office supplies that teams can participate in remotely.
  • Remote Treasure Hunt: Create a virtual treasure hunt with clues and challenges that lead teams to a final prize or reward.
  • Virtual Team Talent Contest: Teams showcase their unique talents in a competition, and the team with the most impressive performance wins.

11. Online Diversity and Inclusion Activities

  • Cultural Exchange Day: Encourage team members to share aspects of their cultural heritage, traditions, or customs with the rest of the team.
  • Inclusive Icebreaker Questions: Use icebreaker questions that promote diversity and inclusivity, encouraging open discussions on various perspectives.
  • Virtual Diversity Workshop: Conduct a virtual workshop on diversity and inclusion to raise awareness and foster a more inclusive team culture.
  • Remote Language Learning: Offer language learning sessions where team members can teach each other phrases in different languages.
  • International Food Day: Organize an online team building event where team members share and virtually taste traditional dishes from various cultures.

12. Online Professional Development Activities

  • Skill Swap Sessions: Arrange skill swap sessions where team members teach each other their areas of expertise.
  • Virtual Guest Speaker Series: Invite industry experts or guest speakers to give virtual talks or workshops to the team.
  • Remote Learning Challenges: Encourage team members to take online courses or workshops on specific topics and share their learnings with the team.
  • Book Review Discussions: Have team members share reviews and key takeaways from professional development books they've read.
  • Remote Career Development Mentoring: Pair team members for virtual mentoring sessions focused on career development.

13. Remote Team Appreciation and Recognition

  • Virtual Kudos Board: Create a virtual board where team members can publicly recognize and appreciate each other's efforts and accomplishments.
  • Online Awards Ceremony: Host a virtual awards ceremony to acknowledge team members for their contributions and achievements.
  • Team Milestone Celebrations: Celebrate team milestones and successes through virtual parties or gatherings.
  • Virtual Thank-You Notes: Share personalized virtual thank-you notes to express appreciation and gratitude to team members.
  • Remote Team Shout-Outs: Share positive feedback and shout-outs during team meetings to recognize team members' outstanding work.

14. Online Fun and Social Events

  • Virtual Movie Night: Host a virtual movie night where team members watch a movie together and discuss it afterward.
  • Online Karaoke Battle: Organize a virtual karaoke battle where team members compete to showcase their singing talents.
  • Virtual Game Show: Host a game show-style event with quizzes, challenges, and team competitions.
  • Online Game Nights: Set regular game nights where team members play multiplayer online games together.
  • Remote Comedy Hour: Invite a comedian to perform a virtual stand-up comedy show for the team.

15. Online Remote Team-Building Challenges

  • Fitness Challenge: Set fitness goals and challenges for the team, such as completing a certain number of steps or minutes of exercise each week.
  • Wellness Challenge: Encourage team members to engage in mindfulness activities, healthy eating habits, and stress-relief practices.
  • Productivity Challenge: Organize a productivity challenge to see which team can achieve the most significant progress on a specific project or goal.
  • Creativity Challenge: Have teams compete to develop innovative ideas or solutions for a given problem or opportunity.
  • Remote Volunteer Challenge: Participate in virtual volunteer opportunities as a team, contributing to a cause or community organization.

16. Online Team-Building Quizzes and Polls

  • Virtual Quiz Bowl: Host a trivia quiz competition with questions related to the team's industry, general knowledge, or fun facts.
  • Personality Quizzes: Share fun personality quizzes with team members and discuss the results together.
  • Opinion Polls: Conduct online polls on various topics to understand team members' opinions and preferences.
  • Remote Quiz Showdown: Organize a virtual quiz show where teams compete against each other in a series of quiz rounds.
  • Online Knowledge Exchange: Organize short educational presentations where team members share their expertise on specific topics.

Remember that the success of the best online team building activities depends on the willingness and active participation of team members. 

Encourage everyone to get involved, and adapt the activities to suit your team's preferences and dynamics. 

Additionally, consider incorporating both professional development and fun social online team building events to create a balanced and engaging team-building experience.

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